CAt Nerrols Primary School and Nursery, the curriculum is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our children. All young people are individuals and our curriculum recognises that.  We aim to offer the children the best educational experience possible.  We want our curriculum to be exciting, interesting and engaging so that children are curious, inspired and enjoy learning. We believe it is important that the children receive the basic entitlement of the National Curriculum and more.  Our curriculum is designed to provide a rich and varied programme of activities and learning experiences to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of all learners, within and beyond the school day.

The curriculum seeks to ensure that not only are National Curriculum requirements in place, but also that:

  • The curriculum allows for the appropriate progression between the different stages of education (FS1 → FS2 → KS1 → KS2) in line with the vision for a cohesive ‘all-through primary’ school.
  • It provides a curriculum that is creative, purposeful and relevant to the setting of the school and the community in which it is based, but that also broadens the children’s horizons as British and World citizens.
  • It maximises opportunities for flexibility and personalised learning.
  • It reflects and embodies the key vision and aims of Richard Huish (RH) relating to Wellbeing, Community and Diversity and Opportunity and Enterprise, influencing thinking and applications across all relevant areas and ultimately inspires pupils to aspire to achieve excellent outcomes in all areas of learning and development.
  • It creates an environment where our most disadvantaged pupils can thrive and progress, through their pre-school and primary experience, to secondary school and beyond.

At Nerrols, the curriculum is underpinned by a set of curriculum drivers.

Curriculum Drivers

  • Community
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Technology
  • Enquiry
  • Learning by doing

Our curriculum drivers are characteristics that define the curriculum and underpin the work we do.  Our drivers are areas that are valued as a school, they give focus to learning opportunities and are embedded throughout teaching and learning, developing the child as a whole.

At Nerrols Primary School and Nursery, the needs of the children determine the emphasis of our curriculum. We aim to give children an individual curriculum that changes and adapts according to where the children are and what their needs are.  Our curriculum is fluid and delivers a programme of continuous intervention.

At the heart of our curriculum is a strong, in-depth knowledge of each and every child.  Planning the curriculum starts with knowing the class, knowing where each child is, knowing where the gaps are, and what the next steps are.  A topic is then devised to meet these needs.   We believe that starting from the children’s needs and designing a topic around them, enables the children to gain a fuller understanding of their learning; it enables them to engage more deeply, to understand the relevance of what they are learning, why learning matters, and develops the child as a whole.

Nerrols Primary School and Nursery is committed to developing the best possible learning opportunities for all its children.  We believe in first identifying the children’s needs, giving learning a sound educational purpose, and then creating imaginative and engaging learning opportunities to accomplish this.

We encourage active learning through exploration, enquiry, investigation and structured play using first hand experiences wherever possible.  We recognise that technology is a part of the children’s natural environment and embrace a wide range of technology as an essential tool for learning.  We provide a range of opportunities for children to develop, use and refine key knowledge, understanding and skills, and to practice and apply them regularly in different contexts and settings.

The organisation of each day offers freedom from specific time constraints and gives teachers the flexibility to design and deliver engaging, innovative, imaginative learning experiences in a way that best suits the children.

We believe that it is important that our children have a strong awareness of their community and locality, of who they are and where they fit in the world.  We believe that successful learning depends on a positive partnership between home, school and the wider community and we seek opportunities for our children to become involved in their community and develop partnerships with local businesses and community groups who bring a variety of skills and positive role models to our children.

We actively encourage a variety of independent work, teamwork and collaboration.   We use a range of class, year group and whole school learning, and through the selection of creative, motivating, purposeful and relevant approaches to learning, we seek to develop children’s imagination, their openness to possibilities and their ability to reflect critically and question.

Our curriculum provides children with a rich and varied learning environment that enables them to try new things and to find and develop their passions and talents.  We believe the curriculum we offer should fire children’s imagination and be challenging, yet enable all children to feel success, no matter what their ability or interests.  It should promote in children a self-belief and self-confidence and provide opportunities for children to lead.

Our curriculum aims to make learning come to life, to engage and inspire, and offer children a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Curriculum content

Nerrols Primary School follows the National Curriculum for England and the as set out by the Department for Education, combined with our own distinctive approach to ensure learning is tailored to the needs of our children.

We use the Read Write Inc programme for the teaching of phonics.

Reading is linked to phonics teaching.  We use a wide range of books from various schemes which have been banded into a colour system to mark their reading level.  When children reach the end of the book band system, they are encouraged to read a wide range of texts at a level appropriate to them.

Religious Education

We follow the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education ‘Awareness, Mystery, Value


 Huish Curriculum Statement

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Nerrols Phonics Curriculum

Nerrols Reading Curriculum

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